“We aim to provide the best support and partnership that help companies, no matter their size, to combat IP infringement, counterfeit and trademark fraud in a more efficient and effective way, by bringing meaningful innovations into the world! With the Brand IP Agency by your side, step by step, we enable you to protect your brand. We have been a valued partner for HORUS, enabling us to protect those IP rights from multiple online platforms used by organized crime networks attempting to disrupt, defraud and abuse your brand”

— Jorge Reyes, President of the Brand IP Agency, a Brand Protection and IP Enforcement company!


Brand abuse is the gateway to many on-line organized crime networks, always resulting in lost of financial revenue, assets, brand reputation, and even customer trust and aquisictions.

Organized bad actors use multiple online e-commerce platforms and sophisticated schemes to trick unaware consumers into engaging with their counterfeit or fake products.

At the Brand IP Agency we help you eliminate and or mitigate brand abuse and infringement by helping you preserve your brand identity! While you are growing your online platform, we focus on the takedowns of the pirates and fraudsters.

We use open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques in combination with our human intelligence (HUMINT) sources, which allow us to advanced our Human-in-the-Loop with multiple Ai strategies and solutions.

With our support in connection with the HORUS platform, we provide the industry’s fastest infringement, trademark and counterfeit detection and takedown program with accuracy and fast results, to protect your IP rights.

The Brand IP Agency partners with the world’s leading law firms, IT engineers, systems integrators, global enforcement agencies and technology providers to provide the most comprehensive service to our customers

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Horus is a software created to fight any kind of infringement of intellectual property rights in the virtual market.

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