Our Brand Protection Services

Online investigations, and corporate team of professionals will work to enforce your IP rights, while safeguarding your customers, and protecting your brand name.

We Identify Your Problem

What type of IP infringement is your brand facing? Is your brand being counterfeited? We’ll help you identify the right options, so that we can target the IP violators or brand infringers.

We Conduct Online Monitoring

It starts with knowing what’s out there. Online marketplaces, social media, apps, websites, and the dark web are conduits for the sale of counterfeit and infringing products. Gain intelligence on which unauthorized products are hitting the market and where they’re being sold. Then take action.

We Investigate

When we identify unauthorized product listings, it’s time for us to go after the seller and gather evidence. We consist test purchases, while collecting intelligent information on the seller and securing physical and/or digital proof of the infringement for litigation.

We Analyze

Aa trained professionals, we know what we are looking for. Counterfeits are made to look like the real deal and can fool just about anybody. Obtained physical or digital evidence is studied and fully analyzed to positively confirm whether a product is genuine, counterfeit, or otherwise infringing.

We Enforce / Disrupt

Out team of professional will enforce your intellectual property rights, while protecting your brand. We will take down infringing listings to disrupt the online marketplace, making it harder for illegitimate sellers to make a sale. Our legal partners will send cease-and-desist letters to positively-identified sellers and prepare for litigation against repeated violators or sellers using substantiated findings and chain-of-custody documentation.

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